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L - Structure, Statistics and Mechanics in Crystal Dislocation Plasticity


S. Papanikolaou
(West Virginia University,USA)
Peter Dusan Ispanovity
(Eotvos University, Hungary)


The symposium is intended to establish connections between microstructural and statistical properties of dislocation defects with macroscopic crystal plasticity. Many aspects of crystalline plasticity have been found to exhibit stochastic or scale-free properties (examples include strain burst statistics, dislocation patterns, crack nucleation), yet, neither the origin nor the consequences of such behaviour are fully understood. To facilitate development in this long-standing issue, this interdisciplinary symposium will bring together researchers of various subfields of materials research. In addition to reviewing current developments in dislocation plasticity the focus will be concentrated on insights that may originate in various modeling approaches, that may also be utilized in other frustrated models of statistical mechanics, such as jamming of spheres or polymers. Emphasis will be given to amorphous materials, too, where unique tools have been proposed to link micro and meso scales. Comparing up-to-date theoretical techniques and methods of experimentation on these fields shall inspire ideas for future work on both modeling and experiments in crystalline and amorphous systems, as well as other sub-fields.


- Non-equilibrium dislocation structures and glassy dynamics
- Analogies and observations in glassy and dislocation phenomena
- Data Science and Machine Learning in Dislocation Plasticity
- High Throughput Experimentation and Modeling in Crystal Plasticity
- Crystal Plasticity with High Stochastic Content: Micropillars, Irradiation, Disorder
- Deformation Reversibility in Jamming, Active Matter and Crystal Plasticity
- Transient dynamical phenomena near grain or substrate boundaries
- Statistics in Non-Equiilbrium Statistical Mechanics of Mechanical Deformation

Invited speakers

  • "Temporal and spatial plastic instability of micrometer-scaled materials"
  • By Yinan Cui, UCLA, USA
  • "Intermittent micro-plasticity and its relation to dislocation structure - a linear stability analysis"
  • By Peter Derlet, P. Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
  • "Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations of complexity in crystal plasticity: strain burst statistics and machine learning"
  • By Lasse Laurson, Aalto University, Finland
  • "Dynamic phases, pinning, and pattern formation for driven dislocation assemblies"
  • By Cynthia Olson Reichhardt, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
  • "Reversibility and Criticality in Amorphous and Crystalline Solids"
  • By Charles Reichhardt, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
  • "Exploring Crystal-plastic Constitutive Rules with the OOF Tool"
  • By Andrew Reid, NIST, USA
  • "Flow and failure of (amorphous) materials - a nonequilibrium phase transition?"
  • By Peter Schall, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • "The role of system size, internal disorder, and dislocation patterning on the nature of plastic fluctuations"
  • By Jerome Weiss, University of Grenoble, France