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Plenary Speakers

  • "Multiscale Modeling and Realization of Photo-responsive Polymers"
  • By Maenghyo Cho, School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Seoul National University, KOREA
  • "Integrated Earthquake Simulation Enhanced with High Performance Computing"
  • By Muneo Hori, Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • "Grain Boundary Sliding, Fracture and Dislocation Motion in Ceramics"
  • By Yuichi Ikuhara, The University of Tokyo/Japan Fine Ceramics Center, Japan
  • "Plasticity in crystals and glasses: from the atoms up"
  • By David Rodney, Institut Lumière Matière, University of Lyon, France
  • "Amorphous Materials on the Meso-scale: Achieving Experimental Length and Timescales"
  • By Christopher A. Schuh, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, USA
  • "Property optimisation of titanium alloys based on phase stability evaluation and microstructure design"
  • By Rui Yang, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China