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J - Multiscale Modeling of Heterogeneous Layered Media


Jinghong Fan
(Alfred University, USA)
Ramesh Talreja
(Texas A&M University, USA)


Layered media with heterogeneous layers occur in nature as optimized structures for specific performance. Examples are wood, bones and soft tissues, nacre and clays. Inspired by nature, engineers have created a range of layered materials such as composite laminates with fiber reinforced layers of polymers, metals and ceramics, metal-intermetallic layered composites, layered oxides for batteries, etc. When subjected to mechanical and non-mechanical impulses, these material systems respond by integrating the micro-level responses at generally multiple length scales. The hierarchy of length scales is determined by the morphology of the microstructure within the layers and the configuration of the layers. Depending on whether one seeks the overall response or its criticality (e.g. instability or breakdown), the length scale hierarchy may not be the same.

This symposium invites contributions that address the behavior of heterogeneous multilayered media by multiscale modeling concepts. Analytical, computational and experimental works that advance our understanding of this behavior, such as the underlying mechanisms of inter-layer interfaces, are welcome, while purely empirical methodologies are discouraged.
The media in the symposium include but are not limited to
- Nanostructured and architectured layer materials
- Polymer,metal and ceramic matrix laminated composite materials
- Functional layered materials
- Traditional metals such as pearlite steels with layered-ferrite and cementites
- Natural or Nature-inspired layered materials

Invited speakers

Tomonaga Okabe
(Tohoku University, Japan)
Anthony Waas
(University of Washington, USA)
Sinan Keten
(Northwestern Univ., USA)
Brian Cox
(Arachne Consulting Inc.)
T.E. Tay
(National University of Singapore, Singapore)